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Mommy Fiona


Here is  little Misha



The proud mother20171029_132548


Lilibeth with Émile


Background: Émile and Lilibeth

Foreground: Ruby and Misha



Lady Fiona delivered four gorgeous and healthy kittens on October the 3rd.  We were most fortunate that she wanted us to be present. What a moving experience!

She is an incredible mommy for one so young. Her babies are thriving and getting into all kinds of mischief.

What about the other felines, you ask?

Phoebe is not happy at all and has decided to ignore the whole invasion. Leo, Errol Flynn and Merlin are not quite sure what to make of these little creatures but are quite well behaved. Tino is downright hostile and wants to stay out as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is becoming very cold now and I am quite concerned.. I will just have to wait and see if we can return to a Happy Peaceful Household.

With a total of 10 felines to date, I suppose that I no longer qualify as the Crazy Cat Lady but more likely the Mad Mad Woman. 





And now we are Six…

Introducing Lady Fiona, mommy to be20170826_13152620170826_115723

Gorgeous Preggie Fiona arrived 3 weeks ago, found by  one of our neighbours. Our local shelter is bursting at the seams, so she became  our rescue # 6.  She is a little sweetie pie and is adjusting very well with the rest of the crew. I was concerned about the other felines, especially ErrolFlynn who tends to be a ruffian, but they have behaved like true gentlemen. Our eldest, Phoebe, just ignores the whole thing.

Fiona is barely one year old and according to our Vet, she already  had a Spring litter… Mother Nature is indeed most cruel.

The kittens should be arriving early October and we will be celebrating of course, however, I will  most certainly make it the last litter.

Here is a recap of our ménagerie in order of rescue:


Phoebe, the Matriarch20170917_131109


Leo now a Senior, rescued as a  Terrified One year old on  a -23C evening


Macho ErrolFlynn, who just walked in one day

20160626_203303 (1)

 Mitten Cat Merlin who was  feral , transformed into a love bug


TinoRossi, abandoned  in a snow storm, now enjoying the good life


Aren’t they so very precious?

                 More Mews to come

Happy Day 2

I am more than delighted to report that Phoebe, Leo, Errol Flynn and Merlin are behaving extremely well after being introduced to our new cat, Tino. No major drama after few bits of howling/screaming early this morning. I am very proud of their excellent manners.

Tino is adjusting exceptionally well to  his new surrounding after being abandoned by his former “owner”.

Apparently, back in December, a real jerk went to the local shelter and adopted this little sweetheart whom he named Ginger, but refused to have him neutered. Ginger spent a great deal of time outdoors in the cold. He showed up at our back door, just like  our current crop, few weeks back in need of a good meal and a warm house. Unfortunately, as he was not neutered, he wanted to go back outside  but he always showed up every night at 7 o’clock. I finally managed to keep him inside and took him to our veterinarian to check for a microchip. I was happy to hear that he was indeed microchipped and that his name was Ginger. The “owner” once contacted said that he would be picking him up, but this first class creepola never did. Ginger was then neutered, dewormed, vaccinated and shipped back to the shelter, having been declared “abandoned”.

I felt very strongly that this little sweetie, having come to our door, meant that he should be part of the family, so off we went to the shelter to officially adopt him. It is  by the way, quite curious that Tino came to us in the first place,  as  I later learnt from the staff at the shelter, that the cat did not live nearby, but several villages away.

I felt that he should have a new name for his new life and named him Constantino “Tino” Rossi ,after a very popular Corsican/French singer of the 1940’s whom my mother adored.

And voilà, another happy cat.