Mommy Fiona


Here is  little Misha



The proud mother20171029_132548


Lilibeth with Émile


Background: Émile and Lilibeth

Foreground: Ruby and Misha



Lady Fiona delivered four gorgeous and healthy kittens on October the 3rd.  We were most fortunate that she wanted us to be present. What a moving experience!

She is an incredible mommy for one so young. Her babies are thriving and getting into all kinds of mischief.

What about the other felines, you ask?

Phoebe is not happy at all and has decided to ignore the whole invasion. Leo, Errol Flynn and Merlin are not quite sure what to make of these little creatures but are quite well behaved. Tino is downright hostile and wants to stay out as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is becoming very cold now and I am quite concerned.. I will just have to wait and see if we can return to a Happy Peaceful Household.

With a total of 10 felines to date, I suppose that I no longer qualify as the Crazy Cat Lady but more likely the Mad Mad Woman. 





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