And now we are Six…

Introducing Lady Fiona, mommy to be20170826_13152620170826_115723

Gorgeous Preggie Fiona arrived 3 weeks ago, found by  one of our neighbours. Our local shelter is bursting at the seams, so she became  our rescue # 6.  She is a little sweetie pie and is adjusting very well with the rest of the crew. I was concerned about the other felines, especially ErrolFlynn who tends to be a ruffian, but they have behaved like true gentlemen. Our eldest, Phoebe, just ignores the whole thing.

Fiona is barely one year old and according to our Vet, she already  had a Spring litter… Mother Nature is indeed most cruel.

The kittens should be arriving early October and we will be celebrating of course, however, I will  most certainly make it the last litter.

Here is a recap of our ménagerie in order of rescue:


Phoebe, the Matriarch20170917_131109


Leo now a Senior, rescued as a  Terrified One year old on  a -23C evening


Macho ErrolFlynn, who just walked in one day

20160626_203303 (1)

 Mitten Cat Merlin who was  feral , transformed into a love bug


TinoRossi, abandoned  in a snow storm, now enjoying the good life


Aren’t they so very precious?

                 More Mews to come

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