Saluting an incredibly talented Painter

20 Tombeau vert01 FXSP Ephebus 2008 oil on canvas 122cm x 89cmHere are 19 FXSP Traghetto 2009 oil on panel  53x36


4 thoughts on “Saluting an incredibly talented Painter

    1. Vive les chats! Post author

      Fran├žois Xavier Saint-Pierre, a painter based in Toronto. He just returned from a residency at the Villa Medicis in Rome. Unfortunately , he is not “trendy ” as he is a pure classical painter getting a lot of his inspiration through mythology. Of late, He has done a wonderful serie of work on Perreault’s Barbebleue.

      No unmade bed for him….I do think that my Hero,Turner would approve. …or possibly Vincent. ..

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      1. Nadia

        I understand completely. I have a dear friend who is a pure painter, with tremendous talent. I am hopeful that we return to an appreciation of their art. His hero is Turner as well.

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