Bengals: Little Lap Leopards


You’ve seen them… shared in remarkable pictures across the internet. Perhaps you’ve seen them featured on television or in magazines. Their wild, leopard like spots are beautifully mesmerizing. Now you HAVE to have a little lap leopard of your own. Apart from the wild marbled, spotted, or rosetted attribute of the bengal’s pelt, some bengals also become heir to the “glitter gene”, which makes their pelt shimmer like they have been rolled ingild or crystal dust. This characteristic make bengals appear more luxurious as a pet.

I admit it. I was this person. I HAD to have one of these beautiful, exotic looking cats. After over a year of breed research, then locating, contacting, and speaking with breeders, I found my very own bengal baby. I brought my kitten, Suri, home when she was only 10 weeks old. She was the runt of her litter, so she was TINY…

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